Together We Are Strong, Together We Have Fun


Loneliness isn’t Anyone’s Cup of Tea
Most of us don’t feel comfortable doing things alone. If possible we would like to eat together when time permits and our schedules sync. We would like to live together with our families and our lovers, play various sports together with our friends and fellow sports enthusiasts, act in contemporary dramas and Shakespeare dramas, or even go to the washroom together, which sometimes become a hub of gossip and socialization. The point is that, we as humans, crave the connection we can mold with other people. There are times we like being alone, but the need to have human contact is predominant to the feeling of wanting to be alone.
The Voice that Bewitched Sensors
Think of chorus groups in dramas or church choirs. Think of music societies. There are western music groups, oriental music groups and acapella music societies. Music brings people together. They will not only sing and play instruments together; all that time spent together would make each of the individuals involved, closer to each other whether they want it or not.
Recklessly Speeding Down the Slope
Think of bicycling enthusiasts moving rapidly down a slope in a mountain area with their custom cycling jerseys in Melbourne that are specifically designed to make their riding experience the most enjoyable one ever. The wind playing with one’s hair, and cold weather freezing one’s body won’t feel that bad, if a person is in the right clothes that are aerodynamically designed for better performance, and with the right group of friends who get this obsession with speed.
Shakespeare on Stage
As Shakespeare said in the comedy As You like It; “All the world’s a stage,” and therefore it is quite truthful to say that almost all humans are excellent actors in life as well as in theater. Contemporary drama groups are very creative. They come up with the craziest characters, amazing plot twists, and are able to enthrall the audience, with or without a lot of special effects and elaborate backdrops. Plus people who believe that theater is life, would be able to find their place among fellow men and women who think the same.
It’s a Climb – Life is a Climb
Another sports related activity would be rock climbing. Adrenaline junkies would find this activity quite interesting. As Miley Cyrus says “It’s a Climb” and since life is a climb why not do it literally? So strap you’re climbing tools on and find the pinnacle you want to reach!
So these are only a few examples of what brings people together. Finding your purpose and place in life is up to you.