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Giving Your Horse A Great Mane And Tail

Sometimes the hardest part of maintaining your horse’s appearance can be the mane and the tail. Usually brushing them daily(at least twice) along with a great shampoo and care will take care of it but sometimes it gets to the point where nothing seems to work(just like our hair). So when you hit the point of wanting your horse to look the best after fruitless searches, here are some tips to consider

•         Nutrition plays a big part

If you hose is getting good nutrition, then he or she will grow thick and glossy hair regardless. Biotin helps grow great hair on horses along with a diet high in fat and protein for the conditioning part. But the low-protein, low-fat, low-quality feeds will only maintain the horse’s health in order to function its main basic components of muscles, bones, metabolic systems and the like and will not leave enough for the horse’s coat, hair or the like. g1xbloodstock has good recommendations for good brands of feed that will help you get your horse the great appearance back into the tail and mane.

•         Use a good conditioner to prevent breakage

Just like our hair, horse hairs are easily broken off unless well-conditioned and well maintained on a daily or regular basis. Going for human-consumption conditioner or ones specifically made for mane and tail (leave-ion ones or the regular) must be used in a regular basis. Any conditioners heavy in alcohol should be avoided as it just evaporated the moisture. Heavy duty conditioners must be used along with Show Sheen for detangling the hair. Products like Cowboy Magic are known for keeping the moisture in the mane and tail as well as detangling but it does not actually do the conditioning part. Getting some tips from g1xbloodstock will actually help you along as well. To know more visit,

Avoid brushing the hair as much possible as it leads to breakage and horses sometimes step on their own tails, rub their heads against trees, shaking their heads and end up shortening the hairs anyway. Usually products like Show Sheen and Cowboy magic should be used before a showcasing or presentations for the detangling effect. Keep in mind to use a detangler when you are brushing horse hair. Sometimes not all horse have the genetic required for a great mane and tail, so do not lose heart when nothing works on your horse. But usually high nutrition diets end up giving your horse the healthy coating and sheen along with a great mane and hair (as much as the horse’s genes is capable of).

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