Wearing The Ideal Clothes For Golfing

Different attires are worn on various functions. Have you started showing interest in the game of golf? Then you might be curious about what you should wear. Other than knowing what the essential equipment are, you should have, next is the attire. While some clubs don’t impose strict rules about it, other places have certain rules about it. Therefore, when you are searching for clubs to register as a member, then you should inquire from them about the attire as well.  Even if you are planning to go for a casual get together with your friends, you should adhere to the regulations.

What should you wear to a golf course? This is part of the requirement of the game. It spreads a sense of sport etiquette, to the atmosphere and spectators. According to reviews of clubs and members, you might want to know what to wear at these places. Here are some tips about what you should and should wear, when you go golfing:

Collar shirts or t-shirts

If you were going to a non-professional place such as an mini golf birthday parties in Sydney http://www.pittwatergolfcentre.com.au/mini-golf/  game, then your attire wouldn’t really matter. Since, you are simply going for a leisure time. However, if you’re going to a reputed club, then you might want to bear this in mind. Most preferably you could ware any of the following:

–          Collar shirts

–          Modernized trend: shirts with a turtle neck collar

–          Short or long sleeved, buttoned shirts

–          Polo t-shirts  

–          Casual wear such as tanks, baggy t-shirts aren’t allowed to be worn

Classic pants

Rather than wearing casual jeans, which aren’t allowed to be wear by these clubs, you could wear pants or shorts. You will be able to swing the club without any trouble. These are some that you should and shouldn’t wear such as:

–          Gold pants and shorts

–          Patterned pants

–          Jogging pants or shorts

–          However, you shouldn’t wear skinny jeans

–          Jogging or other sport shorts cannot be worn


If you’re going to play at a golf course and not at an indoor mini golf tournament, you should wear the appropriate shoes. For instance, it’s obvious that you cannot put on flip-flops to such locations. For that reason, there are specially designed shoes to enhance the player’s swings, stability and grip. In addition, some may or may not prefer wearing socks. However, for certain shoes, you have to wear socks such as ankle socks or tube style. There aren’t any hard and fast rules about this. This comfortable footwear can be worn with or without socks:

–          Golf shoes

–          Golf sandals

–          At times sports shoes or sneakers are allowed

With these tips, you’ll look trendy, classy and professional in the attire appropriate for these places.